The construction of silos, power stations, production plants, signal boxes, infrastructure installation, earthwork, pipeline and sewer construction, demolition work and technical civil engineering are part of our core focuses in civil engineering.


Well-known projects include reinforced-concrete silos for the cement and sugar industries, including the biggest sugar silo in Europe at Leopoldsdorf. This set a new standard in modern industrial architecture with its incredible capacity for 50,000 tonnes. Also constructed by the company are power stations for the electricity industry, infrastructure projects for the Austrian post office and telecoms company, along with production plants for industrial firms.


There is great demand for infrastructure construction like the work the company has done for the Austrian rail Network.


Road embankments, snow protection banks and flood dykes like that at Angern an der March are among the company’s showcase projects. Landfill construction and sewage disposal works are also a part of the portfolio along with treatment works like those at Bad Pirawarth, Lassee and Tulln.

Showcase projects in the civil engineering sphere include the Bahnhofcity Vienna West shopping centre, Vienna’s Main Train Station, a control centre of the Verbund energy group, the Vösendorf Tunnel – built as part of Vienna‘s S1 ring road - and construction of the HL-AG railway track in Tullnerfeld. Several projects have taken waterproofed-concrete structures.










Vienna central station