Our services


Austrian family-run company Pittel+Brausewetter provides construction services in civil engineering, industrial building, and the construction of roads, homes and offices, bridges, pipelines, rail tracks, golf courses and sporting facilities.


The company has a number of modern production sites at its disposal. Pittel+Brausewetter has a strong focus on service and goals thanks to (its own or jointly owned) concrete and asphalt mixing plants plus its in-house laboratory. 


Its 10-hectare central construction yard in the south of Vienna offers a range of resources. The company has its own production plant here, a laboratory dedicated to quality control, a gravel silo and a central workshop. An administrative office and the company’s construction material recycling firm ContraCon border the site.


The company’s headquarters are at 16 Gußhausstraße in Vienna’s fourth district. There are further sites across Austria in Inzersdorf (Vienna), Tulln, Zistersdorf-Maustrenk, Herzogenburg, Eisenstadt as well as Bratislava (Slovakia).