Award of the Austrian National Coat of Arms


Pittel+Brausewetter was awarded the Austrian Coat of Arms in 1981 by Josef Staribacher, a minister of the time. This award has traditionally been bestowed on companies that make an exceptional mark with an extraordinary performance and services to the Austrian economy.


Innovative ability, a far-sighted approach and trend-setting decisions have helped Pittel+Brausewetter become one of the leading construction firms in the country. These values have also ensured growth and stability for the firm, which has been a pillar for the Austrian economy in good and bad times.



Vienna Urban Renewal Prizes


Superb technical performances and planning in the Vienna construction trade are recognised by the Vienna Urban Renewal Prizes. The awards recognise original and pioneering construction solutions for preserving old building stock. As many of Pittel+Brausewetter showcase projects shape the appearance of Vienna’s historic parts, it is no surprise the company has won several of the distinguished honours:



2003: Special prize for reconstruction of wings 3,5 and 11 in SMZ Baumgartner Höhe Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna’s 14th district. 

2005: 1st place for project Traungasse 1, 1030 Vienna

2009: 1st place for project Kauerhof, Diefenbachgasse 10+12, 1150 Vienna

2013: 1st place for project Grundsteingasse 32, 1160 Vienna











Award of the Austrian National Coat of Arms to Pittel+Brausewetter