Your future with us!


Pittel+Brausewetter offers all prospective employees or interested persons the chance to send their application into us directly via the appropriate contacts.


Students, graduates and professionals are offered special entry programmes:


We offer civil engineering students the chance to complete an internship during their course. Gaining an insight into our daily business and amassing experience in various different areas, as well as applying existing knowledge, gives interns important experience that can be used to build a career.


Civil engineering graduates have the chance to undergo a paid internship with us. Our successful mentoring programme will help you gain a solid basis of practical knowledge. Every new member is accompanied by an experienced member of staff. They are entrusted with carrying out a diverse range of projects and are equipped with a comprehensive skill-base over time. A top-quality internship helps to lay the perfect start for a career!


For experienced professionals, we offer an interesting working environment filled with opportunities. Experienced site managers in structural and civil engineering can find a productive working environment with a range of possibilities, exciting projects and a pleasant working environment.